About Me

Cody York is a freelance photographer and writer. He was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio where he currently resides. Since the age of 15, he began riding BMX and started borrowing his Dad's camera to document it. He instantly fell in love with photography and shooting BMX became an obsession. Over the past 11 years it has taken him all over North America. His photos have been published in every major BMX magazine including BMX Plus!, Ride BMX, Dig and Ride UK. These experiences lead him to BMX Plus! Magazine where he was the Assistant Editor. 

Cody is currently working for ESPN Action Sports as a content editor, writer and photographer in the BMX department. You can follow along with what he is up to by checking out the ESPN BMX blog at: espn.go.com/action/bmx/blog. Although he is working for ESPN, he is available for any freelance opportunities. 

Experience and training have provided Cody with the skills to handle any type of photographic assignment. His motto is, "No shoot is too small or too big." He can accommodate your needs from editorial, commercial, advertising to special events. His expertise is in digital and traditional film formats. If you have further questions, please feel free to call or email him. For a listing of his clients and past work, check out his CV.

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